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  • Annual Meetings
    • Question: When is the Annual Meeting of Brookmere HOA, Inc. held?
      Answer: The Bylaws provide that a meeting of the Association shall be held at least once a year. The Brookmere HOA, Inc. Bylaws specify that the Annual Meeting is to be held in January of each year. You will receive written notice of the meeting, along with the Procedural Agenda and the proposed budget in advance of the time the meeting is to be held

    • Question: How do I vote for the Board or on other issues?
      Answer: Prior to the meeting, you will be sent a copy of the proposed budget for the coming year along with ballots for the election of Directors or other issues that may require the vote of the Membership.

    • Question: What constitutes a quorum for the Annual Meeting of Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
      Answer: Article II, Section 5 of our By-Laws provides that a quorum for a legal meeting shall be 10% of the Membership, or 27 Members.

    • Question: How much notice must be given before the Annual Meeting?
      Answer: The Bylaws provides that notice of the Annual meeting must be sent by first class mail to all members no sooner than 50 days nor less than 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

    • Question: May I give my proxy to another homeowner if I cannot attend?
      Answer: The Bylaws provide that no proxies are permitted; however, there is a provision for absentee ballots. In order for your absentee ballot to be counted it must be returned in the envelope provided with the mailing, and it must be received by the time of the Annual

  • Assessments
    • Question: How are assessments determined?
      Answer: The amount of assessment for any given year is based upon the projected operating costs of the Association for the coming year, plus a provision for funding reserves for the maintenance, repair or replacement of capital assets and other contingencies

    • Question: Is there any provision for increases in assessments and how much can they be raised?
      Answer: The Bylaws provide that the Association may not impose a regular assessment that is more that 20% greater than the immediately preceding fiscal year’s assessment without the approval of a majority of the membership.

    • Question: What is the penalty for late or non-payment of assessments?
      Answer: If your account is in arrears, you will be sent a reminder by the management company, and if your account is 90 days in arrears, a lien against your property may be filed. The Bylaws provide that the Association has a implied lien on a property from the date the assessment is due, and has the right for foreclose on delinquent accounts (not including late charges, collection fees and legal fees) at the earlier of: 1) The assessment being delinquent for at least 12 months; or 2) The delinquent assessment(s) totals at least $1,200.00.

    • Question: Can I pay my assessments by credit card?
      Answer: You may pay by credit card. Contact Community Management Associates for details.

    • Question: How do I know when my payment has been received?
      Answer: You may check to see if your check has been received by checking your Account Information on the Brookmere HOA, Inc. website.

  • Board of Directors
    • Question: How many persons are there on the Board?
      Answer: Current provisions of the amended By-Laws provide for a Board of nine (9) members. The presence of five of its members constitutes a quorum to conduct a legal meeting.

    • Question: What are their terms of office?
      Answer: All terms of office are for two years, with five directors elected in even-number years and four in odd-numbered years.

    • Question: When are elections held?
      Answer: Elections for the Board are held at the Annual Meeting. However, ballots are sent out in advance of the meeting for the benefit of those members who do not attend. Those ballots must be returned in the envelopes provided to be counted.

    • Question: What are the duties of the Board?
      Answer: The general duties of the Board of Directors are as follows: 1) To uphold and enforce the terms of our Governing Documents. 2) To manage the business affairs of the community. 3) To maintain the security of the community. 4) To maintain the physical infrastructure of the Association. 4) To manage the financial assets of the HOA. 5) To develop budget projections that anticipate ongoing operating expenses and assure that sufficient reserve funds will be available for future expenditures for infrastructure or for other contingencies.

    • Question: When are regular Board meetings held?
      Answer: Board meetings are typically held on the second Wednesday of the month, provided that a quorum of the Board is able to be present. One meeting is usually skipped during the summer months. The Bylaws provide that Notices of Board meetings must be posted at least 48 hours in advance; however, this statute also provides that an emergency meeting can be held without notice to the members, if circumstances require action be taken before notice can be given.

    • Question: How do I contact the Board?
      Answer: You may contact the Board by calling, writing or e-mailing the Community Manager, Kiva Brewer at Community Management Associates. (See link Contacts / Management Contacts.)

    • Question: May I attend meetings of the Board?
      Answer: Members of the Association are welcome to attend Board meetings. If you have a specific issue that you would like to have addressed, please contact our Community Manager in advance of the meeting (preferably a week) so the topic may be put on the agenda.

    • Brookmere HOA, Inc. Social Gatherings
      • Question: Do we ever hold any Brookmere HOA, Inc. social gatherings?
        Answer: The Welcome Committee of the Association typically holds a Newcomer’s reception in the late Fall of each year. The other major activity occurs in the spring and fall when residents are invited to help clean-up of the neighborhood. This is typically preceded by an outdoor continental breakfast at the home of one of the sponsoring residents.

    • Common Areas
      • Question: What are the common areas in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: Brookmere HOA, Inc. has few common areas. Generally, the common areas are confined to the land around the gatehouses and to our streets

    • Committees
        Question: What committees are there in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: The standing committees in Brookmere HOA, Inc. are as follows: 1) Architectural Review and Landscape Committee, 2) Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Committee, 3) Executive Committee and 4) Welcome Committee, which is comprised of non-Board members. Please see Governing Documents / Resolutions to learn about the composition and the responsibilities of the first three committees listed.

      • Question: Do committee members need to be members of the Board?
        Answer: Any Association member in good standing can be appointed to a committee.

      • Question: Can I volunteer to serve on a committee?
        Answer: Volunteers are always welcome to request to serve on a committee if there is a vacancy. The Welcome Committee is comprised of non-Board members and volunteers to serve are always sought.

    • Dog and Animal Nuisances
      • Question: What can I do if a dog barks regularly, disturbing my sleep?
        Answer: Pima Count Animal Control Ordinance 6.04.03 does not permit an animal to roam free, to foul the streets or public or private property, or to disturb the peace of neighbors by creating a noise nuisance. It is also a violation of our CC&Rs to allow a dog to disturb the peace of neighbors by its barking. (See Governing Docs, CC&Rs, Article III, Section 15.) If you are regularly disturbed by barking dogs, call Pima County Animal Control at 243-5900. If you are a dog owner who cannot control your pet’s barking, it is recommended that you keep your dog inside or install an anti-barking device.

      • Question: What can I do if a neighbor does not pick up after his pet?
        Answer: Pima Count Animal Control Ordinance 6.04.03 does not permit an animal to foul the streets or public or private property. Pets’ droppings must be picked up and disposed of in a sanitary manner. If you see someone who does not pick up after his pet, you may remind him/her that it is against the law not to pick up its droppings. Otherwise, if you happen to know the name of the owner, you may contact Community Management Associates and a letter to the offender will be sent.

      • Question: May I walk my dog if it is not on a leash?
        Answer: Pima Count Animal Control Ordinance 6.04.03 requires that dogs must be kept on a leash when outside the owner’s home or enclosed patio.

    • Driveways
      • Question: Do I need permission to reseal my asphalt driveway, to put in new asphalt, or to change its surface from asphalt to pavers, concrete or gravel?
        Answer: No permission is required to reseal a driveway. However, if you plan to replace the surface of your driveway with new asphalt, pavers, concrete or gravel, you will need to submit an Application Form, and, in the case of the latter three materials, to provide a sample of the color.

    • Easements
      • Question: Where are the easements in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: Each lot has a 10 foot easement along its boundary with the street. There are also other utility easements that run along other property lines of certain lots.

      • Question: May I install riprap or landscaping elements in the easements?
        Answer: You may stabilize slopes in the easements with riprap and you may add landscaping elements. However, if the riprap, rocks, plants, etc. must be removed to install or repair utilities or to allow for erosion control work, any restoration of your installation will be at your own expense.

    • Gate Personnel
      • Question: Who are our regular gate attendants?
        Answer: Brookmere HOA, Inc. has four full-time controlled access personnel (CAP), who are employees of Community Management Associates. The CAP Supervisor is Mike Decker, and the Assistant CAP Supervisor is Wendell Windsor. They staff the Hacienda del Sol gate during the day and evening during the work week. Marshall Brett and Jerry Hanson man the south gate during the work week. All other shifts are staffed by Securitas, an outside security vendor contracted by the Association. See Contacts / Gate Contacts for more information.

      • Question: May I tip the gate staff for special services or give them seasonal gifts?
        Answer: CAP are not allowed to receive tips for services they render in the course of doing their jobs. However, seasonal gifts are permitted as a thank you for their services during the year.

      • Question: May I leave packages, keys or mail with the gate staff to be picked or delivered?
        Answer: Owing to liability issues, the gate staff is prohibited from holding or receiving any packages, keys, mail or any other items.

      • Question: Can the gate staff help with disturbances outside the gatehouse?
        Answer: Gate staff may not leave the gatehouse for any reason while on duty.

    • Improvements and Construction/Landscaping Projects
      • Question: What types of improvements to my home require approval and how do I go about obtaining it?
        Answer: Brookmere HOA, Inc. has two categories of Improvements: Major and Minor. Please refer to Architectural Submissions to determine what is required for each type of project, and to learn what projects and repairs require no approval. Forms and Reference Materials may be found in Architectural Submission Docs. You may also wish to review the article Expedited Reviews for Minor Improvements in the August/September, 2009, Newsletter and the current Design Guidelines.

    • Insurance
      • Question: What type of insurance does the HOA carry?
        Answer: The Association currently carries three types of insurance: General Liability, Umbrella and Directors’ and Officers’ Errors and Omissions.

      • Question: What should I do if I witness Brookmere HOA, Inc. property damaged in an accident?
        Answer: If you observe an accident that causes damage to Brookmere HOA, Inc. property, please attempt to obtain the names of those involved and the license plates and descriptions of any vehicles involved. Call Community Management Associates with the information and our Manager will follow up on the matter.

      • Question: What should I do if I incur damages in an accident caused by faulty HOA equipment or materials?
        Answer: If you are injured or if or your property is damaged by faulty HOA equipment, materials or maintenance, please call our Community Manager and provide all the details and photos, if possible.

    • Landscaping and Yard Maintenance
      • Question: What am I expected to do in terms of maintaining my yard and the desert around it?
        Answer: You are required to keep all areas on your property clear of debris, dead vegetation and otherwise maintain it in a condition that is tidy and pleasing to the eye. You are expected to 1) keep trees and shrubs trimmed, 2) remove dead or diseased trees and growth, and 3) remove mistletoe and invasive, non-native plants from your lot.

      • Question: May I install irrigation without permission?
        Answer: Irrigation may be installed either inside or outside patio walls without permission. Please check your system regularly for leaks.

      • Question: Am I required to restore the landscaping if a utility service disturbs my yard?
        Answer: Should your landscaping or the desert areas outside your home be disturbed by a utility service while making repairs, it is your responsibility to assure that the areas are restored to their original condition.

      • Question: Who is responsible for maintaining easements on my property?
        Answer: Although our landscaping contractor does pick up trash and debris in the area immediately adjacent to the streets to maintain visibility and a neat appearance, it is the responsibility of the individual lot owner to maintain the easements on his/her property.

      • Question: May I remove any natural vegetation outside my patio walls?
        Answer: Article III, Section 4 of the CC&Rs provides that no natural vegetation is to be removed except to the extent it is required for approved construction.

      • Question: If plants in my landscaping have died or been damaged, may I replace them without permission?
        Answer: If you suffer damage or loss of plants in existing landscaping and wish to replace them with the same or similar type of plant materials, no permission is required.

    • Lighting –Exterior
      • Question: If I want to install accent lighting in my landscaping, do I need approval?
        Answer: Low voltage accent lighting in landscaping is permitted. An Application Form with samples or photos of the type of fixtures, voltage and wattage is to be submitted. (See Architectural Submittal Docs for an application form.)

      • Question: Am I permitted to install wall lighting or lighting to highlight wall features or other decorative elements?
        Answer: Regular outdoor side lights are permitted and are usually installed when a home is built. If you wish to change the type of fixture, please supply a photo or sample of the fixture and its wattage, along with an Application Form. Paragraph 3 of Section 3.11 of the Design Guidelines spells out what types of lighting are prohibited. High wattage lighting that illuminates walls and decorative or architectural features that can be seen from the roads, common areas or other properties is prohibited.

      • Question: Are there rules on where lighting may be installed?
        Answer: Article III, Section 7 of the CC&Rs states that no lights can be directed toward or reflect upon surrounding properties, the streets or common areas. Section 3.11 of the Design Guidelines also prohibit the installation of decorative lighting in trees, shrubs, eaves, windows except during the Holiday Season.

    • Litter Control
      • Question: Who is responsible for picking up litter?
        Answer: Northwest Landscaping picks up litter that is near the roads when they are in the subdivision. However, they are not to enter private property. It is the responsibility of the individual homeowner to keep his/her property free of litter, including the easements.

      • Question: How often is the community cleaned up in its entirety?
        Answer: There is no provision for a cleanup of the entire community, but in recent years the Board and volunteer homeowners have attempted to get together to do a semi-annual clean-up.

      • Question: How can I help organize a community clean-up?
        Answer: If you are interested in organizing a clean-up on a regular or a one-time basis, consult our Manager at Community Management Associates.

    • Mailboxes
      • Question: May I install a locking mailbox?
        Answer: Article II, Section 8 of the CC&Rs states that all mailboxes in the community must be of standard shape and size. Therefore, if you wish to install a locking box, the locking box must be contained within a mailbox that is the same as the others in Brookmere HOA, Inc.. Please note that although the Post Office will drop mail in a locked box, it will not pick up from one.

      • Question: Where can I buy a new mailbox?
        Answer: Grant Road Lumber and other suppliers carry the type of box that is required in Brookmere HOA, Inc.. You can also find many online, but be sure that they are of identical size and shape.

      • Question: Where can I buy a new mailbox stand?
        Answer: Our mailbox stands are custom-made and must be ordered through Community Management Associates.

    • Management Company
      • Question: What are the responsibilities of the Management Company?
        Answer: The Association employs a professional management company, Community Management Associates, to oversee the day-to-day management of the Association. The functions of the Community Manager and the Association Management Company are purely administrative. Neither the Community Manager nor the AMC has any approval authority in application, submittal, approval, or variance procedures other than the duties described in their contract.

      • Question: How do I get in touch with the Management Company?
        Answer:  See Contacts / Management Contacts for more contact information.

      • Question: How do I get in touch with our Manager if I have an emergency on a weekend or holiday?
        Answer: If you have an emergency during non-business hours, our Manager can be reached on her cell phone at 404-0030.

      • Question: How quickly may I expect a response in an emergency during non-business hours?
        Answer: If the situation about which you are calling is a true emergency at night or on the weekend, the Manager will attempt to get back to you quickly. However, if it is something that presents no immediate danger to the residents or property of Brookmere HOA, Inc., you will be called back the following day or on Monday morning.

    • Open Houses
      • Question: What must I or my realtor do to hold an Open House?
        Answer: You or your realtor should inform the gate staff that an Open House is to be held. The hours for Open Houses are from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Please notify the gate staff several days in advance so it is on their calendar. See Gate Policies and Procedures / Brookmere HOA, Inc. Gate Policies and Procedures.

      • Question: Is there anything else that is required to hold an Open House?
        Answer: You or your realtor should leave maps that show how to find your home. The CAP will distribute them to those attending.

      • Question: How will the gate attendant know that a prospective buyer is coming to an Open House?
        Answer: The persons attending the Open House are to provide the name of the sponsoring realtor or the address of the Open House.

      • Question: May we post signs for the Open House?
        Answer: A sign may be displayed on the lot where the Open House is being held during the hours it is occurring. It must be removed promptly thereafter. You many not post signs in any common areas, including the areas around the gates or along the streets.

    • Painting
      • Question: Do I need permission to repaint my house in the same color as the original?
        Answer: You do not need permission to repaint you home in its original color or one of the approved colors listed in the Design Guidelines. However, you are to call Community Management Associates to advise them for the record that it is being done.

      • Question: What if I want to change the exterior color of my home?
        Answer: If you want to use a color that is not on the approved list, you will have to submit an Application Form along with a color sample, which must be in an LRV range of 25-60. You will also be required to paint two large samples, one in the sun and the other in the shade, on the walls of your home for review by the ACC.

    • Parties and Large Gatherings
      • Question: If I am having a large party, is there anything special I must do?
        Answer: If you plan to have a large gathering, described as more than 12 people, you must submit an alphabetized list of your guests to the gatehouse 24 hours in advance of the party. If such a list is not received, the attendant would have to call to authorize each visitor, causing traffic backups on Hacienda del Sol. In order to prevent this, guests will be turned away if no list is presented. See Governing Docs / Resolutions / Rules for Use of Brookmere HOA, Inc. Controlled Access Gates, #2009-02.

      • Question: What about parking – do I need a valet service?
        Answer: The Fire Marshall has advised us that owing to our narrow roads in many sections, parking should be limited to one side of the street. Otherwise, fire trucks and EMS vehicles may not be able to get by. It is advisable to hire a valet service to help with parking for large parties.

      • Question: Can I hire additional help to assist the CAP on duty?
        Answer: Residents may hire additional security personnel to assist our CAP in checking in guests for large parties or in directing traffic. Please contact our CAP Supervisor for details

    • Reviewing Architect
      • Question: Who is our Reviewing Architect and how do I contact him?
        Answer: See Contacts page

    • Reserve Account
      • Question: What is the Reserve Account for?
        Answer: Our Reserve Account has been set up to assure that we have adequate funds to undertake future maintenance and replacement of our capital assets, principally our roads. It is also to provide funds for other contingencies.

      • Question: Are the funds dedicated to any specific projects?
        Answer: Our Reserve Funds are not dedicated to any particular projects. However, a blueprint for their projected use is outlined in the document titled Independent Reserve Analysis.

      • Question: How is the Reserve Account funded?
        Answer: We fund our Reserve Account by semi-annual transfers from our operating account. See Budget.

      • Question: How does the Board determine what capital improvements/replacements are necessary?
        Answer: A Pavement Management Report, prepared by RS Engineering, assessed our streets and prioritized their maintenance requirements. Other data was collected on all other capital assets and, using contractors and information from records with Community Management Associates, and their life expectancies were estimated. This data was then sent to Reserve Analysis Arizona, LLC and was projected forward to determine what our likely financial requirements would be on an ongoing basis. See Independent Reserve Analysis.

    • Roads and Shoulders
      • Question: Does the County maintain or have any control over our roads?
        Answer: The County has no responsibility for our roads. All maintenance must be done and paid for by the Association.

      • Question: What are the different types of repairs and re-surfacing that have been considered for our roads?
        Answer: When doing the preliminary studies to establish a schedule of road repairs and maintenance, various types of finishing surfaces were considered. Please see Capital Improvement Projects / Pavement Management Report by RS Engineering. Based on that report it was determined that slurry sealing, which fills small cracks, provides a good riding surface and has a life estimated at about seven years, provided the best alternative.

      • Question: Why not concrete?
        Answer: Replacing asphalt with concrete would be much more expensive, more difficult and costly to engineer, and could result in inconvenience to owners for a considerable period of time because of the long “curing” period required.

      • Question: Do we have set standards that must be followed when our contractor or those of utilities make repairs?
        Answer: The Association requires that all work be done to the same standards and specifications as required by the County and City. See Capital Improvement Projects / Standard Specifications for Asphalt Repair and Replacement.

      • Question: Why are certain cracks repaired differently?
        Answer: The method used to repair cracks depends upon the width and position of the cracks. 1) Large compound or “alligator” cracks have to be repaired by cutting out the entire area and filling it with new asphalt concrete. 2) Small simple cracks (less than 1/8 inch) can be filled with crack seal. 3) Larger simple cracks may also be filled with crack seal, but this is a temporary measure used to keep water from getting under the asphalt until an A/C patch can be done. 4) Some cracks in areas where there is not much traffic may be repaired temporarily with a “skin patch” of cold asphalt.

      • Question: Why do we have different types of riprap and curbing along the roads?
        Answer: Riprap is the principal form of erosion control in sandy soils such as ours. Older, mortared riprap provides rapid run-off, but may create undercutting at the end of this type of rockwork. Loose, hand-set riprap, which is now used, is preferred as the loose rocks slow down the rate of flow of water. The rock curbs were installed some years ago and are merely decorative.

    • Roof Repairs
      • Question: Do I need to obtain approval to have my roof re-coated?
        Answer: No permission is required to re-coat or re-seal roofs, but the color is limited by the CC&Rs and the Design Guidelines.

      • Question: May roofs be painted or coated in white?
        Answer: No. The CC&Rs provides that “...white or light colored or reflective roofs shall be unacceptable. The repair of replacement of any roof shall be subject to the same conditions as the original roof.” The Design Guidelines specify that all flat roofs shall be “desert tan”.

    • Satellite Dishes
      • Question: Do I need permission to install a satellite dish on my roof?
        Answer: The HOA is not permitted to disallow the installation of satellite dishes for TV or high-speed internet, but may place reasonable restrictions on their placement, provided that the restrictions do not impair the quality of reception. You are to inform Community Management Associates of the installation for the record.

    • Setbacks
      • Question: What are setbacks and why are they important?
        Answer: Setbacks are the minimum distances from boundaries that any structure may be erected on a lot. The purpose of setbacks is to help ensure the privacy and views of neighboring lot owners.

      • Question: What are the setback requirements in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: The CC&Rs provides that no building, pool, wall coping, overhang, hedge or any other structure or Improvement shall be placed less than 30 feet from any property line. Driveways and drainage ways are exempt from this provision.

      • Question: Are Brookmere HOA, Inc. setback requirements the same as the County’s?
        Answer: County setback requirements are different from those of the Association; however, the Association’s CC&R provisions supersede those of the County. You must follow Cat setback requirements.

    • Solar Devices
      • Question: Do I need to permission to install solar devices on my roof to heat my pool or a hot water heater, etc.?
        Answer: The Bylaws provide that no Association may prohibit the installation of any solar device defined in the Bylaws. No permission is required to install solar devices for heating pools or water heaters, as these devices lie flat on the roof. However, you should inform our Community Manager of such installation.

      • Question: Do I need permission to install solar panels for electricity?
        Answer: The Bylaws state that an Association may adopt reasonable rules regarding the installation of solar energy devices if those rules do not adversely affect the functioning of the device or its cost and efficiency. An owner who wishes to install solar panels must submit an Application Form, plans and supporting documentation relating to the placement and the efficiency of the solar energy devices for review.

    • Traffic Control
      • Question: What is the speed limit in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: The speed limit in Brookmere HOA, Inc. is 25 MPH, just as it is in any other residential area, unless otherwise indicated.

      • Question: Does the County have any jurisdiction in Brookmere HOA, Inc.?
        Answer: The County has no jurisdiction in Brookmere HOA, Inc. as our streets are private, and the Sheriff’s department may not cite anyone in the community for traffic violations unless a crime has been committed. However, if there is an accident and a traffic control device had been ignored, insurers will take that into account in affixing responsibility.

    • Trash and Recycling
      • Question: How do I get in touch with our trash or recycling service?
        Answer: See the Trash/Recycling Link

      • Question: What days are pickups?
        Answer: Regular pick-up days in Brookmere HOA, Inc. are Tuesdays and Fridays for trash, and Thursdays for recycling.

      • Question: How do I halt or resume trash/recycling service?
        Answer: To halt or to resume trash pick up, call the customer service number: 744-2600.

      • Question: What if our pickup falls on a holiday?
        Answer: If our normal pick-up day falls on a holiday, all other service, both trash and recycling, will occur one day later for the remainder of the week.

      • Question: Why do we use Waste Management? May I use another service?
        Answer: The Association contracts with Waste Management to secure a bulk rate for its residents; however, the account holders are individual residents. There is no prohibition against your contracting with another service if you choose.

    • Violations of CC&Rs
      • Question: If one of my neighbors is in violation of the CC&Rs, how do I file a complaint?
        Answer: If you wish to report a CC&R violation, please call our Manager to obtain a Report of CC&R Violation form. Fill it out in its entirety and return it to Community Management Associates, attention Kiva Brewer.

      • Question: What is the procedure for review of a complaint?
        Answer: The procedure to file reports of CC&R violations are prescribed by law and our Governing Documents. The Bylaws and the Resolution 2006-04 adopted on June 13, 2006, spell out the procedure. Please refer to the link Governing Docs / Resolutions / Policy for Imposition of Penalties and Notice of Violation for details.

      • Question: If I am charged with a violation, what are my rights?
        Answer: You may dispute a charge of violation of the CC&Rs by following the procedures outlined in Governing Docs / Resolutions / Policy for Imposition of Penalties and Notice of Violation, which include the right to be heard by the Board of Directors.

    • Window Coverings, Awnings and Tinting
      • Question: Do I require permission to install exterior window coverings, awnings or window tinting?
        Answer: It is necessary to submit an Application form and a color sample for external window coverings, such as rolling shutters and awnings. There is no requirement to obtain permission to tint or film windows, provided the materials used are of a neutral color.

    • Website
      • Question: I forgot my password. Is there a way to retrieve my password information from the site?
        Answer: Yes. On the Login Screen, there is a link labeled “Forgot your Password?” Click on that. On the next screen, enter either your name or your email address as it appears in the profile. NOTE: The “Forgot my Password” function will not work unless you have a valid email address listed in your User Profile.

      • Question: I would rather not login every time I come to the site. Can’t I save my password?
        Answer: Yes. Simply check the box labeled “Remember Login Info?” on the login screen, and the web site will store a cookie on your computer. Every time you click Login, the web site will automatically log you in; however, you will still need to enter your login information if you visit the web site on a different computer. NOTE: It is highly recommend that you DO NOT save your login information if you are accessing the web site on a public computer.

      • Question: The web site automatically logs me in every time I click Login. How can I get the login screen back?
        Answer: You need to discard the login cookie on your machine. To do so, log in and click User Profile. Check the box labeled “Discard / Remember Login Info”, and click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

      • Question: How can I get information emailed to me?
        Answer: Our web site contains a feature that allows us to send the Newsletters and other periodic emails of interest to community members. It will also supply website updates. To sign up, go to User Profile / Subscriptions and mark “From the Board” and/or “Website Announcements” and click on “Save Changes” button.

      • Question: Can anyone else see my personal information in User Profile or Account Information?
        Answer: The Brookmere HOA, Inc. website is for Association Members only and is not available to the public. Only the person with your login name and password can view your information.